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Mobile gaming

Mobile gaming is one of the fastest growing segments in the global markets. A mobile game is an online game which is usually played on a mobile device. The term mobile also refers to any interactive games which are normally played on any mobile device, such as on cell phone, pdas, iphone, tablet, PSP, or even with a wireless network. In Asia, a large percentage of the population are very much familiar with mobile phones. Most of them use mobile devices for shopping, communication, banking, checking mails and entertainment.

With the tremendous increase in the mobile user population, several companies have introduced several new mobile gaming accessories, which will help in bridging the gap between current players and prospective players. One of the most awaited and highly anticipated mobile games is Pokemon Go. As the name suggests, the game will be available for both mobile devices and smartphones.

This is the first mobile game which will allow you to connect the real world to the game world. By searching for gyms in your cities and then catching ‘monsters’ to gain points, you can level up your character. However, you need to use the app wisely as it can be addicting and you need to set aside time to play the game. According to estimates, there are many people who have downloaded Pokemon Go but have since neglected their Facebook accounts.

The other top mobile games which are quite popular are Cross Counter, Quest X and Pokemon Black and White. These apps allow users to play games against each other using their smartphones. They not only play games against each other but also against friends or other individuals through their Facebook accounts. Hyper-casual games such as Candy Casino and Abalone prove to be a hit with the young crowd. In fact, many of the teenagers are taking to this option quite seriously.

Many mobile gamers are now spending money on these phones. They are no longer used to buy games and spend money for the downloads. Now, they want phones that can entertain them while they spend money on apps. This trend is going to continue and is predicted to grow tremendously in the future.

Mobile gaming revenue in the United States is estimated to reach $6 billion by the end of the next fiscal year. This means that mobile gaming is the largest revenue generator for the mobile industry in the United States. It is projected to become one of the biggest sources of revenue for the entertainment industry after pay TV. If you are an entrepreneur or an investor who wants to invest in the United States mobile gaming industry, you should definitely consider purchasing smart phones capable of supporting high-end graphics and high-end functions. This will enable you to create new mobile gaming experiences that you can market to the youth in the coming years.